[email protected] reports that webcomics artist Frank Frisina’s niece is missing in Colorado.

The girl is 14 years old (5/5/94), 5 feet 5, 120/130 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes and vanished Saturday afternoon on the way to a friend’s house. More information is available at Frisina’s blog, which has crashed at the moment due to all the linking:

My niece Jennifer has been missing since Saturday night. She left here at 3pm to go to a friend’s house and was to be home by 8. None of her friends have talked to her since 7pm that night and there is no sign that she ran away. No clothes.. no cell phone charger.. nothing to suggest that she had any intention of being away that long. She has never been more than an hour or so late and this is beyond her character. There was no trouble here and she was in a good mood when she left.

It took us a few days to get the police to take this seriously since the responding officer on Saturday night had her pigeon holed as a runaway from the start. Thanks to that moron we have lost precious time. Now we have the Colorado Bureau of Investigations involved and they are trying to get phone records quicker than I seem to be able to get them. We would have had them already but CBI needed the Arapahoe County Sheriff to upgrade from runaway to missing. The next step is to get her picture on the local news stations.

I cannot describe the torment we are all going through. My worst nightmare has come true…. The idea of seeing her picture on the news is something I don’t think I could ever be prepared for. I am going to want to include a reward for any information leading to her safe return. If she is hiding out… it is going to be hard for some 14-15 yr old friend of hers to keep quiet should there be money involved. I have $500 that I can start it with… Thanks to my ongoing medical bills, it is every penny I have to my name right now. If anyone would like to donate the cause, please send via paypal to [email protected] – (* should no reward be issued…. monies will be returned.) If I get some of this other cash I waiting on, it will be added.


  1. it sounds old fashioned, but he needs to get the troops rallied and post xerox copies of her photo all over town asap!

    here’s to her safe return. *prayers*