Per DC’s blog, Gotham is adding another name familiar to fans of genre material, as former Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia will be joining the series as an original character named Jason Lennon aka “The Ogre”.

Here’s how he’s described:

…a serial killer who has been preying on the young women of Gotham for nearly a decade, luring them into his web and confronting them with a series of “tests” as he searches for his perfect mate. When the women fail to live up to his impossible standard, Lennon disposes of them quickly and viciously.

According to the report, Ventimiglia is joining the series for a multi-episode arc starting in Episode 19 and will be pit in what sounds like a “cat and mouse” game between his character and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

More original characters like this seem to make greater sense for the series’ trajectory, which is introducing Batman’s Rogues Gallery in various forms while Bruce hasn’t even hit his teens yet. Hopefully we’re seeing the start of a trend.



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