Announced almost two years ago, Sony has been in development of an animated Spider-Man film produced by The Lego Movie (and untitled young Han Solo movie) directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. This, is, of course running concurrently with their co-production with Marvel Studios – Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

Now thanks to a Sony Pictures press conference held today, we know that this new animated feature will focus on the tale of Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker.


It’s amazing to consider, but Miles has been around for over half a decade now, having been introduced in Ultimate Fallout. He’s now an essential piece of the mythos and a rightfully celebrated character. He’s already appeared in animated form before, having been voiced by Donald Glover in the Ultimate Spider-Man television series. One only hopes we’ll get a live action version soon in subsequent Spider-Man features.


  1. Meanwhile, Disney/Marvel, which won a Best Animated Feature Oscar for Big Hero 6, has yet to announce ANY more Marvel features!
    Ms. Marvel
    Ultra Girl
    Young Avengers
    Squirrel Girl…

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