By: Alexander Jones

He’s out of the tiara and in our television subscription services, he’s LUKE CAGE!

Mike C54987d65cb86folter has just been announced to co-star in A.K.A. Jessica Jones as the one-and-only Luke Cage! The actor will be making his debut on-screen as the hero in Marvel and Netflix’s aforementioned show alongside Krysten Ritter. Then Colter will move onto his own Luke Cage spin-off series. Jessica Jones is set to be thirteen episodes long, and it is scheduled for release sometime in 2015. The show is coming after Daredevil, which also recently announced Charlie Cox as the lead actor. Colter has played various roles in television with projects like The Good Wife, and The Following, and has been in various films such as Zero Dark Thirty.

Luke Cage has come a long ways from his original character design developed by Archie Goodwin and John Romita Sr. in 1972. The character is no longer sporting that tiara, afro, and yellow outfit from the original design. Luke Cage is one piece of the four Netflix shows which combined equal The Defenders. The Hollywood Reporter announced the news this morning.



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