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Midget wrestler murders rock Mexico


Poisoning Victims
Any story that includes the terms “Mexican midget wrestler” and “hooker” (or “sexoservidoras” as they are called in Mexico) might seem ripe for comedy, but the murder of two pint- sized luchadores is no laughing matter. As reported in the NY Post and elsewhere, Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez, aka La Parkita and El Espectrito Jr., twin brothers who wrestled together in various Lucha and US indies, were found dead in a Medico City hotel room, apparently after being poisoned by two women they hired to come back to their hotel.

The 35-year-old little wrestlers, or luchadores, were first approached by the deadly call girls in the hotel lobby, where the brothers went after filming a match at a nearby ring for television.

The twins were apparently slipped the poison though an eye-dropper into their alcoholic drinks.

A rash of similar black widow-style attacks on men in bars by ladies of the evening has broken out in Mexico.

About 20 women, connected to a gang called “The Leak” or “The Drops,” have been busted in Mexico in the past year for the booze-drug scam.

It’s believed that the dosage that would merely knock out a normal sized man was fatal to the twins.

There’s more on the murders on this Spanish-manguage website, including a police sketch of two suspects that is so disturbing we’re putting it in the jump!

Meanwhile, La Parkita and El Espectrito Jr — “LIttle Death” and Little Ghost” — were popular enough that folks dressed up in their masks at a memorial service, leading to a series of surreal photos. (There’s an even more surreal one here, but it’s too sad to run.)

While the obviously lurid aspects of the story have created much of the interest, it has also raised even more of an outcry in the Mexican press for a crack down on these thieving gangs. For if a midget wrestler is not safe…who is?

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  1. La Parkita worked a CHIKARA show a few years ago. It was quite the spectacle.

    Further proof that lucha fans should not go to TJ during the Con to see any wrestling.