200803241316In January, Mid-Ohio Con owner Roger Price announced that he was selling the show. Now it appears a buyer has been found: GCX Holdings. A little Googling reveals little about this new company, except that it is located in Stamford. Managing Director James H. Henry is similarly Google-free, but for those who enjoyed this con over the years this can come as nothing but good news.

The convention has also been moved from its traditional post-Thanksgiving date to October 4-5, as the above graphic shows.


  1. Was it always planned for those dates this year? Because those are the same dates as SPX–what the hey? I know there are a lot of comics conventions these days, but as far as the mid-major shows go, surely there aren’t 52 of them yet? I loves some SPX, so maybe it’s just my great big ole corazon talking.

  2. The Mid-Ohio-Con has always been a terrific convention, and I’m glad to hear it will continue. I hope Roger will be involved for at least the first couple of years to enable a smooth transition.

  3. Besides eating into SPX, that is also the weekend of Minneapolis’s Fall-con, as small as it is, is still a very creator driven con. So now there’s going to be three cons in the same weekend, two of which are in the mid-west.

  4. What shame that it has to be the same week as SPX. Then again, I never went before because of when it was so I’m happy they moved it. This year might be my first Mid Ohio Con.

  5. The new owner James Henry posts at John Byrne’s website and has bought a few large commissions from JB. I bet John announces if not this year but next he makes his return to attending Mid-Ohio Con

  6. I really had a lot of fun at the 2007 Mid-Ohio-Con and I’m honestly disappointed that I won’t be able to cover the event this year. If they’re competing for the weekend, I have to head to SPX.

    I’m betting the new organizers moved it to early October to be more competitive and get the jump on the new Ohio Comic Con (October 25-26) also taking place in Columbus. Sadly, I think SPX will be more of a draw for a small press creators and ultimately hurt the show.

    Admittedly, a week earlier and they would have been competing with Baltimore Comic-Con. Man, I REALLY wish it had been scheduled for October 14-15 or just leave it after Turkey day and be traditional. Grrr…

  7. Yeah, SPX is just too fun to miss. Speaking as someone who organizes a convention, they really seem to have their fingers on something up there in Bethesda. Although I have definitely heard good things about Mid-Ohio from people.

  8. Newsarama said it best… there were limited dates available at the convention center. It’s a not a Ohio State Football home game weekend; and, the Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey season will not have started yet. So there will be rooms available downtown.

    I’m excited for the change, I’ll miss Roger, but I want to see what this new group can offer for this convention. I want to see guests this year that have never been to MOC before. I want to see a Wizard World or San Diego headliner caliber of talent attending! I want to hear creators say “I will be there now that it’s not on Thanksgiving.”


  9. The announcement for the return of MOC has surprised us all. I’m one of the ones involved with the planning for the new Ohio Comic Con and we’re disappointed that MOC opted to choose a date so close to ours. Even though the two shows are in such close proximity, we hope that the vendors, talent, guests, and above all, the fans will find a way to support both ventures. I also invite everyone to check us out at: http://www.ohiocomiccon.net to see what we have in the works! We think we have enough different events to offer a pleasant variety to the fans! Please stop by and take a look and feel free to ask us any questions! We look forward to your comments and suggestions!

  10. I’ve heard good things about the organizers for the Ohio Comic Con, but I’m wondering if they choosing a weekend in which Ohio State has a home game (versus Penn State) will really hurt regarding attendance and available lodging for the special guests.

  11. Roger was a great guy to work with and made my first big show as someone sitting on the OTHER side of the table a blast. I wish him nothing but happiness and success in his endeavors.
    I also hope MoC shoots me an invite to this years Con!

    -The Defuser

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