Or so this tweet would indicate.

Bloodstrike was one of the original teams from Liefeld’s Image line-up, and featured a group of operatives who were resurrected from the dead to fight crime for the US government. It was resurrected in 2012 by Tim Seeley and Francesco Gaston as part of the earlier Liefeld-verse revival.

Fiffe is the creator of the acclaimed indie team book Copra, itself a riff on Suicide SQuad.  so you might say the wheelhouse has been entered.

Liefeld has had a colorful career, but his creations have proven surprisingly sturdy over the years, showing that no IP is ever truly wasted.


  1. HELL YES!!!! Best comic news ever!! Fiffe’s style is perfect for Liefeld’s kinetic energy creations. This is amazing!

  2. Normally I’d meet a 90s revival with a kinda ugh to meh response, but Fiffe doing this (and the Young Blood revival) are turning things around for me.

  3. The Fiffe Copra books are an interesting labor of comic book love. It’ll be great for some of that love to reach a broader audience.

  4. It was about the time that Fiffe introduced his third or fourth team of visually bizarre assassins/operatives in Copra when I realized that as much as the book is a Suicide Squad pastiche, it’s basically his take on a first-generation Image book as well. So this is a perfect fit.

    As much as I’ve loved Copra, paying eight or nine bucks to have an issue delivered (and often beat up) by the post office can be a drag. It will be an absolute treat to get new Fiffe off the racks for (I’m guessing) four bucks.

  5. Fiffe kind of reminds me of Sam Keith but simpler. For me I prefer Liefield’s characters to maintain the 90’s flashiness. I’ve been reading the new Youngblood but the art doesn’t pull me in. I get the same feeling from Fiffe.

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