Former comics retailer and convention runner Michael George was sentenced to life in prison today for the murder of his wife Barbara 21 years ago. The sentence was mandatory in Michigan, so there was little suspense. At the sentencing, George still protested his innocence. “”Something will be found,’ he told the court. “Someone will come forward. I have never harmed a woman in my life. Let’s not forget no one saw me there — no one.”

Meanwhile, Barbara’s surviving siblings Christine Ball and Joe Kowynia had a different message.

“Mike, you chose the life you led,” she said. “You chose a life sentence for my sister. You took our sister, but you will never take our memories.”

Ball, and her brother, Joe Kowynia, both also addressed Michael and Barbara George’s two daughters — Tracie and Michelle — who support their father and were not present in court Monday at his request.

“We think about you all the time,” Ball read from a statement she prepared. “Your mother lost everything. She didn’t get to hold you and watch you grow up.

“I know we sit at opposite sides of the courtroom, but we have and always will love you.”

Although more appeals are expected, this may end this long legal saga for now; George was convicted in an earlier trial but the verdict was set aside.


  1. I just watched this story on youtube” and my heart goes out to Barbara’s family,finally justice is served. Barb seemed like a great young lady,wife and mother,she believed in marriage and didn’t want it to end,she trusted her husband and he failed her,he hurt her emotionally with his flirting in her face and then a friend betrayed her when she was willing to help her,DISGUSTING. I hope she is proud of herself for being a home wrecker and probably knowing all these years that he did it and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in on it,I hope the Police look into it and she get her punishment I am also a Catholic,from a big Irish family and I know first hand how Barb felt to have her heart crushed by your husband and when there are kids involved you don’t want to crush their world,so you stay,maybe not happy but for the kids you stay. I’m just glad he’ll never see the light of day again.

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