Pittsburgh Comic-Con co-owner Michael George has been arrested in the 17-year-old murder of his wife, and a preliminary hearing was held last week at which both sides presented some of their evidence. Although reopening a case after 17 years would seem to indicate new physical evidence was found, that isn’t mentioned; the salient facts of a staged robbery, recent insurance policy, and apparent (to some) lack of remorse (to the point of asking women out a few weeks after the killing) seem to be the basic building blocks. George’s defense includes the idea that the “Killer is out to get him.”

Michael Ralph George, 46, accused in the execution-style shooting of Barbara George, 32, told police he felt the killer was after him, according to testimony.

“He said what he thinks happened to Barb was somebody was really out to get him,” Detective Leonard Hrecho testified Friday during George’s preliminary exam in 41B District Court. Hrecho said George admitted to having an “emotional” affair with another woman and maintained that cartons of expensive comic books were missing from the store.

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