Mezco, the high end action figure company based out of Queens, NY, came to New York Toy Fair 2020 ready to celebrate. Founded in 2000, Mezco is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. As is usual for the toy maker’s Toy Fair display, their booth did not fail to impress. But they brought an extra piece of pizzaz this year, showing off not only upcoming products, but also giant, complex dioramas featuring figures from their 20 years in business.

Mezco Life Size Gomez

Greeting people at the booth’s entrance was a life sized Gomez, Mezco’s mascot. A smaller version of this Gomez was given to attendees who showed up early on Saturday for Mezco’s 2020 press event. The company also sold the figure on their website in the days after Toy Fair. 

Mezco Toy Fair 2020

Mezco’s Red Skulls Chaos Club stood atop and amid an towering diorama. I’m tempted to let the rest of these dioramas speak for themselves. Each shows off the craftsmanship of the One:12 Collective line of action figures perfectly. Check out those details. Mezco overlooks nothing, right down to Wolverine’s boot treads. And I have always loved their blending of fabric costume pieces with plastic, like Spider-Man’s partially fabric costume. The red and black webbed gloves and boots are plastic, but his torso is cloth.

Mezco One 12 Batman vs Deathstroke Mezco Spider-Man webslinging Mezco One 12 Reverse Flash Mezco One 12 Wolverine vs Magneto Mezco One 12 Superman Mezco One 12 Cable Mezco One 12 Deadpool

Mezco had non-One:12 Collective merchandise on display as well. Their giant King Kong action figure is as cool as it is big, with three head portraits and four hand options.

Mezco King Kong

One of the big highlights came in a smaller scale. Mezco had the Batman ’66 line of 5 Points figures on display, including the Batmobile! These figures are expertly crafted, looking very much like the actors who portrayed Batman and his rogues gallery in the 60s. I’m excited for this whole line, particularly the Caesar Romero Joker. That Batmobile is fantastic.

Mezco Batman 66 lineup