At Toy Fair this past weekend, Mezco gave away a bag of swag to journalists who attended their 2020 toy preview. The bag consisted of a plethora of items celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary, and quickly found its way to eBay and other resale sites, commanding a high price tag. Mezco sidestepped scalpers this afternoon when they began selling the swag bag directly to the public on their site at a fraction of the scalper price.

Mezco Toy Fair Swag Bag 2020

Included in the bag are an Agent Gomez “Roach with the Golden Head” One:12 Collective figure, a clear “ghost” variant of their 5 Points Space Ghost action figure, a 5 Points Gomez Hazard Squad Commander action figure (also available separately on their site), a blind-bagged Mez-Itz figure, a 12″ x 18″ Gomez poster, and a handful of stickers and iron on patches. But possibly most interesting is the inclusion of a metal decoder ring, which according to the company, will unlock special promotions throughout 2020.

Mezco Secret Decoder Ring from Toy Fair 2020

Like other One:12 Collective action figures, this Gomez does not disappoint. The deluxe figure comes packaged in a metal 20th anniversary lunchbox with full color artwork, 2 different head portraits, 14 interchangeable hands, and a plethora of accessories, including guns, FX gun blasts, a boom box, sword and display post.


Mezco Agent Gomez in action

Bringing this package direct to fans circumvents the scalpers whose eBay listings were crossing the four digit threshold. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many bids get cancelled as diehard One:12 fans get the goods direct from Mezco itself. Preorders are open now, but who can say how long they will stay open?

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