AccessA game of Magic: The Gathering turned violent when pranksters mooned a comics shop in Bellingham, WA and vigilante justice went too far, news sources are reporting. The tragic incident began when three walked into Access Comics, in Bellingham, in an intoxicated state. The three were asked to leave by owner Lanny Wolfe as they were interrupting the game with their antics. The trio left, but came back and mooned the people in the store. Unfortunately, the pressure of their buttocks against the front window of the store caused the glass to break, and an even more unfortunate series of events was to unfold.

Two of the players, aged 19 and 42, took after the mooners. They were armed with a baseball bat. What followed was brutal. One of the victims suffered a broken orbital bone, and another is in serious condition with a life-threatening skull fracture.

What started as fun and games for all concerned now has one man fighting for his life, and two facing felony assault charges.

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  1. So a bunch of drunks who were harassing people and destroying private property got their teeth kicked in?

    No great loss. I call this a win for the gene pool.

  2. The hell?!??!?? O.O

    I can see if one of the people was the owner of the place for the property damage, but some players?

    And this is just another reason for why 19 and 42 year olds should not play together.

  3. “Hey 19, we can’t dance together,
    No we can’t talk at all.”

    How do we know from what is here that the other guys ( three to the gamers two ) didn’t turn around and attack the gamers, forcing the gamers to up the ante? This argument works for the police all the time when they senselessly beat, taser, torture, kill people.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, if you get beaten up due to your own drunken idiocy, it’s your own damn fault for not being able to drink responsibly.

  5. I’m bothered by the reporter’s insinuation that drunken harassment and significant property destruction are harmless “fun and games” that in no way merit reprisal.

    Also, depending on the cost of the window and the state laws involving crimes committed under the influence, the breakage may be a felony, and if that were the case then the nerds had full right to use reasonable force to subdue and hold the perpetrators until the authorities arrive. If the drunks are running, and the nerds are slow, then reasonable force might include throwing a bat, or something.

    You could make a case for it.

  6. Cheez louise, you guys are a vengeful bunch!

    In my estimation a mooning (and glass breaking) calls for some roughing up, arrest and reparations. Not getting your brains bashed in. Should the Magic players end up going to jail, that would be the real tragedy.