Last weekend also saw the Manchester Comic-Con take place over here in the UK, a one-day event last Saturday. And again, public demand for the event was so strong that the number of attendees came close to doubling 2012’s total. As a result, event organisers MCM have announced that next year the event will be extending across an entire weekend, for a two-day period July 26-27.

mcm manchester

Ticket sales apparently also rose to 138% over 2012’s sales. Joint managing director Bryan Cooney spoke on the news:

Consumers and exhibitors are backing MCM and we needed to respond. By making Manchester Comic Con a weekend event we are increasing the opportunities for everyone.

This is a second expansion for MCM’s conventions across the UK, which previously announced that 2013 will see their first MCM Scotland Comic-Con in Glasgow, on 7th September. Add all this to the fast growth for Leeds Thought Bubble, Canny Comic-Con in Newcastle and DICE in Dublin, along with the Kickstarter success of Melksham Comic-Con earlier this year, and the UK convention scene has never been busier or more diverse!

The MCM conventions mix comics with TV and film, and this year Manchester saw creators including John McCrea, Laura Howell and Antony Johnston attend the ‘comics village’ area of the show.