It seems that a few months ago, Hello Kitty and Cup Noodles announced a collaboration for clothing and merchandise. Sanrio and Nissen, two of Japan’s top brands, teaming up makes a lot of sense from a business point of view, but also just maybe it’s what we need in these times of quarantine and insurrection. A cute kitten and soggy salty comfort noodles laced with fake crab.

Lazy egg Gudetama is also part of the pact, so add some runny egg yolk and now you start to see why these uncertain times call for Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty.

Kid Robot is offering an array of toys, plush and collectibles. The first two items are available now, but more will be dropping throughout 2021 — we’ll be waiting for word with our bowl and spoon.

Kidrobot will have you squealing with excitement and doing the chicken dance as Hello Kitty dons the cutest pig and chicken costumes ever to match her favorite food! Hello Kitty is dressed up in her flavor coordinating outfits holding Cup Noodles in these new must-have interactive plush. These two premium 16-inch Hello Kitty® x Cup Noodles Plushies will ensure you never stop playing with your food!

The line debuts with Hello Kitty about to enjoy some ramen in either chicken or pork plush.

We’re a little sad that the shrimp flavor did not make the cut yet, but we have the rest of 2021 to go pescatarian.

These plushes are interactive, which — I don’t know what that means. If it means you can clutch them tightly as you curl into a fetal ball, then these will be extremely useful. They retail for $34.99.

Coming later in the collab:


Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty Plush Charms

unnamed (1).jpg

Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty “Fork & Bow” Interactive Plush

unnamed (2).jpg

Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty Enamel Pins



And best of all, a Top Ramen x Gudetama Large Crinkle Plush. It’s Top Ramen; it’s Gudetama; you can hug it, AND it makes crinkly sounds for all you ASMR people out there.

KidRobot is not the only company making Hello Kitty/Cup Noodles merch. Hot Topic and Forever 21 also have various hoodies and tees for sale.

20_TR_Gudetama_merch_pink_croptop_1600x@2x (1).jpg

However, the one we like best is sold on the Nissen site:  this Top Ramen Gudetama pink crop top. Bust out this number for your next Renegade on TikTok.


Nissen also offers this “Which comes first?” T-shirt,  so if you are lying in bed at 5:30 am, eyeballs wide open, unable to sleep as you are beset with anxiety, here is something to take your mind off whatever was troubling you.

20_TR_Gudetama_merch_blue_sweatshirt_DSC_0049_retouched_1600x@2x (1).jpg

And finally, this “dream come true” sweatshirt, because what else you gonna buy with your stimmy besides lots and lots of ramen?

What items in this Cup Noodle x Hello Kitty line will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments.