Yes, what would a Beat giveaway be without LITTLE LULU. This time we’re giving away Dark Horse’s GIANT-SIZE LITTLE LULU #1 by John Stanley and Irving Tripp, reprinting Lulu’s run in Four Color and the first five issues of LITTLE LULU. We don’t need to tell you we’re having a John Stanley renaissance these days, what with the beautiful library of his other works coming out now from D&Q, but this volume should meet all your Lulu and Tubby needs, including the classic reprinted in the Smithsonian Book OF Comic Book Comics, “At the Beach.” It’s here — along with about 100 more gems. 660 pages of Lulu goodness. And it can be yours just by sending an email!

To enter, email with MAY GIVEAWAY #2 in the subject to [email protected]. Winner will be selected from entries received by 6 pm May 21st, when a new giveaway will go live.

Thanks for entering!