David S. Goyer’s Starz TV series Da Vinci’s Demons has recently been confirmed as getting a second season, which has led the writer to bring in some new writers for his staff – namely, Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman, two of Marvel’s top writers. There’s long been a connection between TV and comics – Geoff Johns has written for Smallville and Arrow, and numerous TV writers including Ben Acker & Ben Blacker, Zeb Wells and Christos Gage have jumped onto comics over the years.


And now that continues, as Goyer revealed on his website today. Congratulations to all! The pair will be co-writing two episodes of the next season. This isn’t the first time Jonathan Hickman has written about Da Vinci, and it isn’t the first time Matt Fraction has written about boobs. So both should fit in perfectly!


  1. Couldn’t even finish the first episode.
    Not my cup of tea, as is the case with most of what Starz produces.

    And for the sake of the show and those that enjoy it, it better be Iron Fist/Hawkeye Fraction ;)

  2. Haven’t seen the show… but very curious about it… Can anyone recommend it or review it? Curious is it historically accurate at all? Or better but, would someone who wrote two thesis papers on Da Vinci’s life, find it enjoyable or offensive?

  3. Very historically accurate, deals with the demons that DaVinci summoned who later inspired him to invent electricity.

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