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Vulture excerpts THE MUSEUM VALUTS by Marc-Antoine Mathieu. It’s just out from NBM and we read it the other day. If you like dark, surreal twisted but funny parables about the nature of art and intensely imaginative world building, YOU WILL LIKE THIS BOOK. Recommended.


  1. Mathieu is truly one of the greats; it’d be great to see more of his stuff in English (other than DEAD MEMORY from Dark Horse I think this is the first translation I’ve seen). On my last trip to Paris (first trip, too, actually) I weighed down my luggage with a stack of every Mathieu album I could find. My French is not what it used to be, but even with my limited command of le langue it’s great stuff. You should also check out LE DESSIN (The Drawing) if you can get your hands on it.

  2. I can’t read French, but I buy every Mathieu album I can find. He is the most playful and inventive cartoonist I’ve ever run across. “Museum Vaults” is an excellent book, and if you like it at all look for his series starring Julius Corentin Acquefacques. “L’Origine,” “La Qu…,” “Le Processus,” “Le Début de la fin,” and “La 2,333è Dimension” are all beautiful and fun — even if you can only read the pictures.