Next week Dark Horse Comics will release Maskerade #2. The second issue of the series about a social media star who is also a trained assassin comes from the creative team of writers Kevin Smith & Andy McElfresh, artist John Sprengelmeyer, colorist Giulia Brusco, and letterer Andrew Thomas. Today The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the upcoming issue, which finds Felicia adding a new member to her team.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Maskerade #2:

Dwayne was never a Felicia Dance fan–and now he’s going to work on her hit show “Bye Felicia!” But while he may look down his nose at her on-camera antics in pursuit of pedos, Dwayne would be horrified by Felicia’s secret life as the vigilante Maskerade, whose body count continues to rise as Felicia keeps crossing mysterious names off her hit list of the Six!

Maskerade is the first title released by Dark Horse as part of the Kevin Smith-led Secret Stash Press imprint. The next series in the imprint, the anthology title Quick Stops, launches next month, and will feature stories from Smith and an assortment of other creators, all set in Smith’s View Askewniverse of films.

Check out the six-page preview of Maskerade #2 (of 4) below. The latest issue in the series is due out in stores and digitally next Wednesday, October 12th.