Marvel really does seem to be putting a promotional point of emphasis on new character appearances.  The latest hype?  “The Fantastix”

Says Tom Brevoort:

As we get back to things down on Earth, we introduce a new team of Super Heroes who are operating out of the Baxter Building who are surprised when the Fantastic Four show up on the doorstep, thinking that they still have the rent on the place.

Right now, they’re just releasing the cover as a teaser, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is a one-off appearance or something more.   It’s entirely possible if the Fantastix catch on, someone might write a musical about them.


  1. And I’ve heard that Fantastic Four #4 will have a few incentive variant thresholds. So Marvel is definitely find to hype up someone’s appearance to boost sales beyond issue 1.

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