These Marvel digital sales keep getting more extreme.  This time, the sale is publicly on Comixology.  If you’re a Kindle die-hard, don’t worry. Here’s the Kindle page for the sale.

I’m not sure if the graphic novel prices can get any lower.  I’m not sure that I’ve seen eBooks for sale at less than $0.99, but if anybody was going to start selling digital tpbs for $0.50, it would probably be Marvel.  It does seem like $0.99 is going to be rock bottom for this, so go and have a nice browse.

What’s that?  You’d like some recommendations?  Sure.  We can help you out.  And the best part is, it’s a digital tpb for a buck, so how mad can you really get if it’s not to your taste.

You like Spider-Man?  Here are a couple interesting bits:

The Death of Jean DeWolf is an early Peter David work that got a lot of attention when it came out.

It’s a bit of a forgotten series, but longtime Marvel staffer and current Marvel Games Executive Creative Direct Bill Roseman did a mini-series with Guy Davis called Deadline that was a lot of fun and is packed in the middle of this Daily Bugle tpb.

Like Thor?  The first two volumes of Walt Simonson’s run are on fire sale (they’ll want you to pay slightly more for V.3, apparently)

Or if you want to go back to the original, here’s 512 pages of Lee/Kirby Goodness

Like Iron Man?  Archie Goodwin’s run, mostly with George Tuska’s art, is one of the best.  Start with V. 4 and go through v.7 for the Goodwin run (all on fire sale).

Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen also had an excellent run on Iron Man, but there’s only one volume in the sale:

Like Fantastic Four?  Here’s a volume from the classic Waid/Wieringo run.

Have you read the original Jim Starlin Captain Marvel and Warlock runs that introduced Thanos and the Infinity Gems?  (They were not “stones” in the comics.)  If not, this is a great time to get some culture.

There’s more there, including Steranko’s Nick Fury, the pleasant surprise of the Robinson/ACO Nick Fury and… look, at this point we’re just assuming you’ve read the King/Walta Vision.  Plenty to browse, so just choose your platform.


  1. That Vision book came out a month or two ago, is highly in demand, and is now on sale at 97.5% off its print list price.

    I don’t see how Marvel can keep doing this and not expect it to erode their existing markets. At this point, who on earth can pay $4 for a Marvel comic, print or digital, without feeling like a total chump?

  2. The deal actually can get a little sweeter. If you’re a Comixology Unlimited subscriber ($5.99/month), the digital collected editions are $0.84 per collection! It is crazy that certain titles are on there for so cheap, but to be honest, that’s probably the only way to get readers in those titles. I’m thinking specifically of Secret Empire and similar. Also a few token collections in there as promotional sale items. For example Black Panther gets 4 collections in the sale, and 1 is the classic “Panther Quest” to lure in fans of the movie who have seen must-read lists. Also, the inclusion of Thor/Hulk, Thor/Thanos, and 2 with Ragnarok in the name seem to catch the movie going audience’s attention. Now, if only this sale could be linked to ticket sales… Imagine if every Fandango ticket purchase for Black Panther came with the option to buy an entire classic BP story digitally for just once extra dollar! Anyways, I laid down a few dollars to get about 60 of the collections. Can’t pass up this deal, people!

  3. They in fact just added 4 new collections, which are out in stores for $30-$40. But they’re only 99 cents digital. Crazy.

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