Marvel’s dropping teasers again…

What does that mean?  I don’t know.  But that cape reminded me of Dynamite’s version of the old pulp character, The Spider, from a few years back and the file name is “spider.jg”…  OK, that seems unlikely, but “weird…” may be the operative term here.


  1. Might Marvel Comics have acquired the publishing rights to The Spider? The character wasn’t really a radical, though, unless we are discussing his nickel-plated approach to crime-fighting in a fright wig. Maybe this is a modern incarnation who is even more extreme?

  2. Given that the other teasers feature fantasy/sword & sorcery versions of Cho, Ironheart, and Ms. Marvel, this one is more than likely a version of Miles Morales/Spider-Man.

  3. Now I am leaning towards the view that this will connect with Marvel’s Weirdworld (obvious in retrospect).

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