As reported yesterday, Marvel’s stock took a bit of a hit after a lower-than-expected earnings call. The stock price fell $4.07, or 11.5 percent, to $31.19, although it’s up 17 percent for the year. The LA Times looks at how Marvel Studios slow plans for 2009 affect the stock:

Hollywood accounting being what it is, Marvel didn’t record any domestic revenue for “Iron Man” or its other flick, “The Incredible Hulk,” in the second quarter. It did however, record $28.9 million in revenue for foreign pre-sales of the movies.

What seems to have unnerved investors was the company’s warning that the domestic payoff from the films, including DVD sales, won’t come until 2009 — after Marvel’s distributors have subtracted promotional costs.

Meanwhile, this fellow wonders “if I should have sold at least some of my Marvel position and booked some profits?” BTW, Marvel is bouncing back a bit today — already up some 6.76 percent.