Assuming the worlds survives 2012, and makes it all the way to 2014, there will be a NEW Marvel movie franchise, one whose identity has been veiled until now—but speculation has run rife. It’s a no brainer that the film title would be unveiled at Comic-Con, but Latino Review was first out of the gate with the scoop:

Guardians of the Galaxy!

We are totally down with that! And Marvel’s desire to make a film from a completely obscure and unknown to the general public franchise—one whose publishing history is dotted with cancellations—is pretty daring. The trump card is that the Guardians—a space-faring band of survivors from various planets that were destroyed by the evil Badoon—are traditionally in the “cosmic” story camp, to Thanos would be a perfect foil for them, and would lead directly into Avengers 2.

Marvel’s plan isn’t too hard to divine here: cast the Guardians with the kind of attractive up and coming talent they’ve been good at finding, and then…TEAM THEM UP WITH THE AVENGERS in Avengers 2…also in case any of the original Avengers cats gets too big for their britches a new team is waiting in the wings.

Variety confirms the story adds the name of a screenwriter: Nicole Perlman, a well thought of grad of Disney’s screenwriting program.


The historical (1969) Guardians line-up and the current one—which will be featured in the movie—both offer rather…piquant characters for the Marvel movie brand, from Starhawk in the original, who was both himself and his sister, to the current teams Rocket Racoon (what it sounds like), Groot (also what it sounds like — a walking tree introduced by Jack Kirby) and Mantis, the insectoid kung-fu flyer.

The Guardians are much tied up with the Jim Starlin-verse of Marvel characters, such as Adam Warlock, so the undisputed creator of all these character is wise to keep his own counsel until the movie comes out…and Marvel would be wise to pay him enough money to keep him gruntled.

Latino Review also expects Nova to be in the film, which would make sense given his “white male human” status—something sorely lacking in most of the other Guardians. And of course this being Hollywood, Disney and Marvel will probably have to water this wacky team into something more safe for movie audiences. But maybe not…cgi to the rescue?

And speaking of smallness, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie has been inching along, and he’s made a test of the film:

Then, in mid-June, he spent just under a week shooting footage for a reel that will be used to test out the potential look and tone of his movie, as well as to decide how convincing Ant-man’s powers look onscreen.
But even if it all passes muster, Ant-Man won’t be Wright’s next movie. That honor goes toThe World’s End, a comedy that reteams him with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and is slated to shoot this fall.

So yeah, Ant-Man. Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe we’ll get that SuperPro movie someday yet.




  1. you’d think that after John Carter and Green Lantern a studio would be a little nervous about a big space adventure but good for Disney/marvel for trying.

    Also isn’t part of the appeal of the marvel movies that it’s a real world setting with realistic characters?

  2. Well, to be honest, Starkawk was both his adopted sister and his wife.

    How the bloody hell did Gerber get THAT past the Comics Code?

  3. I’m glad Marvel is rolling the dice with this one and trying something a little out of the box. Maybe people will be sick of the steady diet of Thor/Iron Man/Spider-man/Superman/Batman by 2014 (although I hope not) and will crave something a little new?

    The rumors had been out there and many of us hope it would happen with the Thanos cameo but I guess the copyright filings recently were a dead giveaway. That and Loeb and Bendis jumping on the Cosmic Marvel train. Although I do hope they channel more of the underrated Abnett and Lanning runs rather than any potential watered down “new directions” that Loeb and Bendis might try to stamp on this.

  4. I. What?

    I love Guardians of the Galaxy, I own every issue of the recent run, but basically it’s a bunch of no-name human and alien characters being Machiavellian at each other while saving the galaxy, plus a trigger happy talking raccoon.

    It doesn’t exactly scream mass market blockbuster appeal, and unless it’s animated, it wouldn’t be cheap to make, either…

    Even Nextwave would be an easier sell and cheaper to make.

    This is certainly an, er, gutsy business decision.

  5. I would be there opening day if this was based on the original GotG. But since I have no interest in the version (not a knock — I have not read it; I literally have no interest in doing so) this will probably be the first Marvel movie in years that I will not be seeing.

  6. Not having the film rights to FF, X Men, Spidey, and Daredevil and being a bit ballsy has brought this decision into reality. It also highlights that many studios have Star Wars envy. The profitability and longevity of the Star Wars brand is what many studios aim for. DC tried with Green Lantern and failed. As the movie draws closer to being released, the issue of creator compensation will get louder. In the case, Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin and DNA will be the main names identified with the property. I think DNA’s whole Marvel Cosmic run has a lot to due with Marvel/ Disney giving this the go ahead. What didn’t set the comic buying world on fire may burn far brighter in the film going world.

  7. Who will play the gloriously gigantic assets of Gamora and Disney fully supports the current sexual orientation of the Moondragon character 100%.

  8. One word: Blade.

    Three words: Men In Black.

    As with Buzz Lightyear, Disney could spin off a cartoon television series, which is cheaper to produce and which fuels licensing. See: Disney XD.

    In 2010, Disney made $28.6 Billion on licensing. Marvel made $5.6 Billion the same year, before being acquired by Disney.

    Does GotG fall under the Universal Studios theme park agreement? Or could Disney integrate that franchise into their theme parks?

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