By Davey Nieves

You won’t be able to escape it. Your world and that parallel world where Nationwide didn’t depress everyone is coming to an end, at least that’s what Marvel have been claiming. The only thing we know is come this May you can’t escape the ocean of Secret Wars books. Today Marvel announced yet another, this time the 2099 universe enters the fray.

Secret Wars 2099 will pick up after the end of Spider-Man 2099 (yep, it’s ending) and feature the same creative team of Peter David and artist Will Sliney. While it’s not known at this time if the series will be limited or ongoing; the big draw will be a never before seen team of 2099 Avengers who work for the mega corporation Alchemax. This is also the first book to admittedly not tie-in directly to the Secret Wars event. While it takes place on the same world as the war, David made mention how the series will be a story unto itself and may only mention the events going on. The writer wanted fans to know that it’s both a continuation of the 2099 story and a place for new readers to jump on and enjoy.

Here’s the solicit for the first issue and the art released today:


Written by Peter David

Penciled by William Sliney

Cover by TBD

On Sale 5/27/2015

When everything ends, it’s time to go back to the future. Revisit the world of 2099 and see it a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances – including the AVENGERS 2099. Can the ideal of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where megacorporations rule with an iron fist?

Secret_Wars_2099-720x1100 Avengers2099_IronMan Avengers2099_Cap Avengers2099_Hawkeye_BlackWidow


  1. I really like that Marvel had made a version of the Avengers for Marvel Universe 2099 bringing together a huge team. For me it would be full of heroes of the future because I see nothing wrong with a huge team of Avengers, with: Hulk 2099, Thor 2099 (the true God of Thunder in a futuristic version), Iron Man 2099 (a descendant of Tony Stark) , Beast 2099, Scarlet Witch 2099, Quicksilver 2099, The Vision 2099, The Wasp 2099, Ant-Man 2099 / Giant Man 2099, Luke Cage 2099, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman 2099, Wolverine 2099, Ms. Marvel 2099, Black Panther 2099, Captain America 2099 (not this version there that is a woman who gets to be deformed so many muscles and that looks like a female version of Rambo Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the height of cowshed so absurdly masculine as to be more “male “that all soldiers marines together … there was nothing wrong with being a woman since they do not look like a pumped slapper), the Falcon 2099, She-Hulk 2099, Hércules 2099 , Pulsar 2099 , Hawkeye 2099, and Black Widow 2099. I see nothing inherently “bad” in bringing back the characters, Marvel Universe 2099 because I liked Spider-Man 2099, X-Men 2099, Ghost Rider 2099, Punisher 2099 , Hulk 2099 ,Ravage 2099 , Doom 2099 my fear is that the end of Secret Wars simply cancel the title and the characters are simply dismissed as unnecessary supporting …

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