Marvel have released their solicitations for December, including a lot of odd decimal placements, an apparent return for Peter Parker, the finale of Scarlet Spider, and a whole load of other stuff. Here’s a few bulletpoints about what you can look out for over Christmas:

If you want the full set of solicitations rather than this cherry-picking of the bigger details, head to CBR.


It looks as though Peter Parker is returning, as is the Amazing Spider-Man brand as a whole. Five issues will be out this month, lavvelled 700.1, 700.2, and so on. A number of creators are involved on this book: David Morrell and Klaus Janson on the first two issues, followed by Joe Casey, Kevin Grevioux, Jen Van Meter, Tim Green, Tim Seeley, Emma Rios, Clay Chapman, Javier Rodriguez, Brian Reed, Lee Weeks and Sean Chen. Phew!


Kathryn Immonen is returning to comics once more, and reuniting with her Hellcat collaborator David LaFuente for a new one-off story. They’re in charge of Avengers Assemble Annual – one of three annuals out this month – which promises the debut of

Zamira! She’s Meryl Streep with a vengeance!

There is also a Hulk annual, as well as a Thunderbolts annual.


Brian Michael Bendis is bringing X-23 into the cast of All-New X-Men, which basically spoils one element of Avengers Arena. It looks like she has a new costume. Elsewhere in the Bendis World, Kevin Maguire’s issue of Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this month.


Wolverine Origins II starts, with Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert handling the five-issue miniseries. The first cover will have an acetate cover variant.


After 25 issues Scarlet Spider is ending in December, with Chris Yost and David Baldeon the team for this final issue. Ryan Stegman provides a cover for the issue.


Inhumanity starts, followed by a number of ridiculous tie-in issues like Mighty Avengers 4.INH and so on. This issue will be by Matt Fraction and Oliver Coipel, seemingly leading us towards Inhuman the ongoing series in 2014.


Avengers Assemble brings in co-writer Warren Ellis for a new story arc, working alongside Kelly Sue DeConnick. Art will be by Matteo Buffagni. And yes, it’ll be Avengers Assemble 22.INH.


No sign of an X-Factor relaunch this month, although it turns out that Brian Wood is the creator who’ll be trying to fix the almost conclusively broken Monet, following a dreadful last few months of X-Factor for the character. Monet will be joining the team in X-Men, with Terry Dodson on art.

If anyone CAN sort her out, it’s Brian Wood! Fingers crossed.


  1. Well she doesn’t have a soul or the capacity to feel emotion and she tried a long-term relationship with STRONG GUY of all people…

  2. ‘Wolverine: Origins II’?!?

    What new ground do they have to cover in Logan’s life that hasn’t been milked to death already? Yawn…

  3. ‘Scarlet Spider’ ending?? Come on! That’s one of my favorite comicbooks! Kaine is an awesome character and could be usefull in the Marvel Universe. There are a lot of possibilities for him, and the work of Yost and his team has been great.
    Ok, I know I’m beeing all fanboy with this, but I still think this comic is worth to keep.

  4. Just because a character does weird things doesn’t mean they’re broken. PAD has done wonders with Monet. And most of the time, he gives characters tics that don’t pay off for 20 or 30 issues. Obviously, this can be both good and bad.

  5. I suspect the Amazing Spider-Man 700.whatever issues are a way to burn off old inventory stories. There’s no way Peter Parker is coming back without Dan Slott writing that return.

    Glad to see Indestructible Hulk’s annual will be written by Mark Waid.

  6. I really don’t get how Marvel uses their big artists. They have McNiven draw the first couple of issues of Guardians and then insert him into the middle of the run on Uncanny? Coipel is supposed to be the main artist on Brian Wood’s X-Men, but is doing some random Inhumans thing with Fraction?

  7. @Luis Santander: Mine too, but unfortunately not many people bought it.

    I’m also sad that Peter Parker is back as Spider-Man. I rather enjoyed Doc Ock in the role. Not necessarily the way Dan Slott wrote him, but the way all the other writers wrote him when he showed up (like in this weeks Mighty Avengers).

    I’m still on the fence with the whole Inhumans thing. Seems a lot like X-Men 2.0: “We won’t get the movie rights back from Fox, so we simply recreate them”.

  8. “I suspect the Amazing Spider-Man 700.whatever issues are a way to burn off old inventory stories. There’s no way Peter Parker is coming back without Dan Slott writing that return.”

    Given the creators, it seems to be a five-part mini-series that was announced a while back that they decided to just roll into the main title – at the time they said it was set in the past and wasn’t the return of Peter Parker.

  9. RE: x23 costume
    Marvel continuing their return to Victorian values. Heaven forbid a woman should show more than an ankle!

  10. Pete’s back? Now maybe I’ll consider picking up Spider-man again.

    The art for that avengers annual looks terrible. What is this, Attack of the Clones?

    All I can think of when I saw the Hulk and the spider-women was “Sensational Spider-Women”. Gotta admit, I’ll pick up almost anything with Jessica Drew Spider-woman in it…curviest, sexiest woman of marvel there is.

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