The Motley Fool’s Tim Beyers has always been bullish on Marvel stock, and he still is, based on increased profits without the need for ANY Marvel produced movies.

Yeah, I know, $132 million is less than $194 million. But who cares? Marvel had managed just $25.3 million in trailing adjusted cash from operations through its first quarter.

In other words, Marvel is raking in moola like Venom after a string of Lower Manhattan bank robberies. And not a single penny of that cash flow is from self-produced movies.

What this means is that Marvel has a massive licensing business that should continue to thrive, even as Marvel Studios cranks out Iron Man next May, followed by The Incredible Hulk in June.


  1. “bullsh”

    A typo so good, so suggestive (is it missing one letter in the middle, or two at the end?) that I can only imagine it was intentional. I bow before the master.