Yes yes, film news rather than comic news, but still – when Marvel bring the world some fresh SIF, we must all obey. This is the promo poster for Thor 2, featuring Jaimie Alexander’s Asgardian warrior in the midst of, erm, warring.


Almost certainly known to be the best part of the first Thor movie, most fans were surprised that this sequel didn’t do away with the whole ‘Thor’ aspect entirely and focus on Sif instead. “Revenge of the Sif”, it probably could have been called, as Disney now own Lucasfilm.

So anyway, enjoy yourself some Sif. I gave you shirtless Arrow – now I bring you Sif. You lucky, lucky people. There’s some other posters, but, nothing that can compare to Sif. She’s so great.


  1. Now look at that and tell me there’s no way to do a semi-traditional Wonder Woman that balances practicality with some sex appeal.

  2. Between what Kathryn Immonen and Jaimie Alexander have done for the character lately, I’d rather have a Sif film than a WW film.


    Love seeing actors from the cast of Kyle XY get a big break.

  3. “Almost certainly known to be the best part of the first Thor movie…”

    You’re getting her confused with Kat Dennings. ;-)

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