Marvel has just announced a new Contest of Champions title — a return to the three-issue mini-series of 1982 originally dubbed: Marvel Super Heroes Contest of Champions. The new game on IOS bearing the same name serves as the inspiration of the comic, which includes Maestro (Hulk villain) headlining the cover to the first issue. Al Ewing and Paco Medina are chronicling the adventures of this new team of Champions who have been gathered by the Collector to do battle with each other. Ewing wondered aloud: “Where are the trapped heroes stored when they aren’t fighting?”

Venom and Gamora appear to be locked into a battle with various other characters in the Marvel Universe frozen over in blocks of ice. CNet announced the news — along with the cover to the issue. Contest of Champions will launch in October as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. Also featured in the series is Guillotine, a new character created jointly by Marvel and Kabam, the developers of the Champions IOS title. The heroine is powered up via a special sword handed down all the way from the French Revolution.