Marvel have announced a new miniseries from writer Matt Kindt and artist Paul Davidson for December, called ‘Inhumanity: The Awakening’. Obviously tying in to Matt Fraction and Joe Mad’s new Inhuman series, this miniseries has Pixie on the cover, so what are we even doing wasting time sitting here on The Beat when we could be pre-ordering this hot new Pixie comic?



Cover by Jorge Molina

Okay, sorry, carried away. The idea of Inhuman is that a load of magic mist gets spilled on Earth, turning thousands of humans into INhumans. Yes, this is the exact same premise as the X-Men, only with giant Jack Kirby robots replaced by mild lunar precipitation. But as a result of this, characters around the World are going to find that they’ve become Inhuman overnight, and their latent Inhuamn ancestry is now active.

This miniseries will see various members of the youngest superhero generation dealing with this whole deal, including and starring Pixie. Also Stryker and Finesse from Avengers Academy, along with some random girl in green. Wind Dancer? The miniseries will spin out of not just Inhumanity, but the Kindt/Steven Sanders miniseries Infinity: The Hunt, which starts tomorrow.


  1. So, this is like Spider-Island? Or Invasion! ?

    Interesting, in that mutants get a temporary boost from the Terrigen mists, like Quicksilver.

    Can the mists be artificially created? What’s to keep someone from blowing this “Pixie Dust” (heh) into a school or stadium, or weaponizing it? (Forget about super soldier serum! Just test every soldier who enlists!)

    Will Marvel explore the more rudimentary aspects?
    A bullied kid in junior high who gets hulkified?
    A pregnant mother worried about the health of her baby? (Another amniocentesis test for abnormalities! “I’m sorry. Your baby tests positive for the super-gene. “) Or possible activation of the baby while the mother is pregnant. (See: Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex)
    Reed Richards “threat” made to the Congressional Committee during the “Acts of Vengeance”, where perhaps members of Congress might be gifted with the X-gene?

    Is the “Civil War” and “Secret Invasion” zeitgeists still active in the general populace? Will we see internment camps? Days of Future Past? Age of Apocalypse?

    Seems to me, there are two reasons for doing this:
    Marvel Studios gets the X-Men theme without having to pay Fox any money.
    Marvel Comics gets to correct the House of M decimation by populating the world with lots of genetically gifted super powers.

  2. @ Torstein – as of the end of AvX, Marvel has corrected the House of M decimation. They can bring on lots of genetically gifted super folk without the Inhumans. I think the reasoning is to try and promote the Inhumans and make them a steady seller. They have longevity and were created by Lee/Kirby, but they’ve never had the kind of popularity that their contemporaries like Namor/Surfer/Black Panther/etc have had.

  3. It’s to build a franchise for a movie.

    In terms of limiting the mists, does it not turn x percent of those it touches into alpha primates?

  4. “Marvel Studios gets the X-Men theme without having to pay Fox any money.”

    This right here.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Avengers2 are “Inhumans” which means we’ll get some sort of retcon in the comics too probably.

  5. I dunno if a comic retcon is forthcoming. Plenty of stuff has been taken from the movies, but plenty of stuff has been left alone. It’s not as though Widow and Hawkeye are now founding Avengers, for example.

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