By Steve Morris

According to a report in Variety, it looks as though Marvel Studios may be looking into extending 20th Century Fox’s contract on the Daredevil franchise – last seen being worked on by director Joe Carnahan – in return for having certain Fantastic Four characters given back to them. Namely, it appears, Silver Surfer and Galactus.

In an interesting move, Fox have only a few months left to get their reboot of Daredevil off the ground before they lose claim of the character rights back to Marvel. If they don’t start pre-production by the 10th October, then Marvel would get Daredevil back, for use in their own projects. Fox have been desperately trying, with this in mind, to get a new film off the ground, but have struggled to find a director to stay with.

But it appears as though Marvel, in exchange for passing up on this chance to reclaim the franchise in this case, are instead more interested in getting back the rights to some other characters belonging to Fox: The Fantastic Four’s cosmic opponents Silver Surfer and Galactus.

It’s strange how these behind-the-scenes dealings sound so much like playground trading sometimes. But it’s clear why Marvel would rather have Silver Surfer and Galactus than Daredevil. For one thing, their current ambitions are cosmic – Thor seems set to be playing in the cosmic realm in his sequel, whilst Thanos appeared at the end of Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy will be Marvel’s next new property to hit the big screen. Fitting in some established, familiar names like Norrin Radd (uh, that’s the Silver Surfer) and Galactus would be a big help in guiding fans to the theatre.

Previously, Marvel have been able to reclaim both Blade and The Punisher as film properties, as the respective studios involved with those characters ‘timed out’ with them. If Variety are correct with this report, then it’ll be interesting to see just what Fox might do in order to hold onto their almost-cemented plan for a Daredevil film.


  1. ‘Fox is in discussions with Joe Carnahan to direct what’s been described as a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller”.’

    After The Spirit, I’d leave Frank Miller’s name out of any movie proposals.

  2. I think the Silver Surfer would be a big boost to a Guardians of the Galaxy movie…I myself would love to see Rocket Raccoon on the big screen, but StarLord, Drax or whatever his name is..and the tree guy…they don’t strike me as viable marvel characters to use – in all honesty…they are fairly lame.
    Guardians of the Galaxy, if it is to be big bold and bad ass should have the following roster…Beta Ray Bill, Rocket Raccoon, Silver Surfer, Nova, Adam Warlock and Ms. Marvel (as the new Capt. Marvel…they can pretend she is from another planet or a future Eart for the Marvel Movie Universe).
    That would be a kick ass film. The rest…not so much.

  3. @Thomas Wayne
    Eh…I don’t know about that. Guardians worked because the characters were a bunch of outclassed misfits, which created a lot of added tension and humour. The team you’re putting together would basically be Superman x5 plus a talking Raccoon. And since there’s nothing Rocket can do that the other 5 can’t do way better, he would be nothing more than comic relief, but the only way the character works without being too ridiculous is if you can accept him as a character first and a talking raccoon second, similar to the talking teddy bear in Ted.

  4. The Variety article says they actually have to start filming by Oct. 10th, not just be in pre-production: “But as of right now, Fox needs to start lensing by the Oct. 10 deadline to keep “Daredevil” in-house”

  5. Ha! Slick maneuvering so they can have a cosmic menace for the second Avengers movie without resorting to their dubious claims on Jim Starlin’s Thanos character.

  6. Because of Batman & Spiderman and the kinda similarities, Daredevil doesn’t work in the movies with expectations. “Here’s Foggy, Here’s Matt, Here’s Electra, etc , etc” It’s actually better for a TV show or HBO type thing if at all but in the right place for that character is in comics..not the movies.

    Maybe that’s good thing not everybody should be a movie character. Sometime certain formats suit certain characters best. Our society seems to think that the pinnacle of making it is this bad Hollywood movie. Watchmen seemed better as comic than a movie. It doesn’t replay very well on cable.

    I’ve been actively interested in my own creations of a galactic character and how to do it. I am certain Marvel can’t pull it off after making one of their best, the Silver Surfer look like a muttering chump in comics and movies for decades. What a waste.

    They are just dreaming if they think a racoon dude, giant tree and a bunch of teeth-gritters are going to translate. That’ll be the kind of movie where you bring a few beers and have some laughs like a future Prometheus sequel. If it does translate, then its time to move to another planet.

    (Actually nobody laughs after blowing $30 on a bad night at the 3-D movies even with beer, save it for cable)

  7. Not only could they employ Galactus for Avengers 3 (if they wanted to go that route), Galactus and Silver Surfer opens up the door for Annihilation (a potential Guardians of the Galaxy sequel perhaps?) and, given Hulk’s new prominence, and the rumors of a Doctor Strange movie, The Defenders!

    In my dreams, at least.

  8. Dave,
    Superman X 5 is what I think this movie will need to not just be another brick in the wall.

    What would you rather see…I giant tree kick ass in a movie or Beta Ray Bill???

    Chant with me now…WE WANT BILL…WE WANT BILL..WE WANT BILL…

    Of course..this is just one man’s opinion…perhaps giant trees kicking ass is what movie goers want…not a super cool alien with power on par with Thor.
    Or 5 aliens with power on par with Thor…

  9. Thor seems set to be playing in the cosmic realm in his sequel

    I wasn’t aware that Malekith the Accursed and his dark elves were considered “cosmic” these days. Fantasy and myth-influenced, sure, but “cosmic”?

  10. If Fox is reluctant, maybe Marvel can throw in Black Panther. It’s not like they’re doing anything with him.

  11. Well, if Galactus does show up, then you can toss in a whole bunch of heroes! Just replace the Baxter Building with Avengers Tower. Or you use some of the Ultimate Galactus storyline, perhaps some theological themes with the Surfer being a prophet of the End of Days. Or the Vision.

    Or, if you want to go big, make it like a cosmic forest fire… a whole armada of alien starships screaming past the Earth, fleeing a coming menace. Or is that the Annihilation Wave? Save that for Avengers IV?

    This is smart. Marvel gets some FF property back in exchange for a lesser Daredevil contract. (Not many characters tied up in Daredevil.) When’s the deadline for FF? What’s Marvel’s participation in the Daredevil movie?

  12. “Guardians of the Galaxy, if it is to be big bold and bad ass should have the following roster…”

    Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex, Charlie-27 and Nikki. Leave Starhawk for the sequel.


  13. “I myself would love to see Rocket Raccoon on the big screen, but StarLord, Drax or whatever his name is..and the tree guy…they don’t strike me as viable marvel characters to use – in all honesty…they are fairly lame.”

    They’re pretty wonderful in the books I’ve read. The material related to ANNIHILATION and the recent GOTG series were excellent sci-fi adventure comics, in my opinion.

    I’m not sure how to respond to calls for the original team (like Mike’s above). I’ve never read that incarnation of the GOTG. However, I realize that the general public will feel the same way about Drax, Groot, Gamora, etc.

  14. Assuming they do get Daredevil rights back, that might be a neat basis for the Whedon crafted TV series…

  15. GotG could work, or it could flop. If the story’s good and the acting plays, it’ll be FINE. The characters just have to engage – and characters who are outclassed every step of the way sure can work.

    Unknown characters can be hits (Blade.)

    Things fans are sure won’t work can prove themselves (the Michael Keaton as Batman stuff — man, I can’t even IMAGINE the internet in its present form around for that.) (;

    It could be a great bit of fun, or it could be a wind-sucking bit of garbage. No way to tell until it hits the screen. Sure things are only sure things with hindsight!

  16. If I’m right: Marvel is planning The Annihilation. Wherein both Galactus and the Silver Surfer are key players. And in the end, this will lead to the formation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not only that, Marvel can then make The Infinity Gauntlet!