Rick Marshall, last seen at Wizard mag online, has joined ComicMix. PR follows:

Brian Alvey, Chairman of ComicMix, today announced the appointment of Rick Marshall to the newly created position of Online Managing Editor. Marshall will be responsible for online news operations, overseeing some new upcoming sites and managing an expanding editorial team.

Most recently, Rick Marshall was Online Editor/Content Manager for Wizard Entertainment. Under his editorial guidance, their web traffic grew from 16,000 page views a month to nearly 4 million. In 2006, he was named “Writer of the Year” by the New York Press Association for his work as staff writer for Metroland, an alternative newsweekly in the Albany area. His work has been printed (and reprinted) in various alternative newsweeklies, daily newspapers, trade publications and online media.

Alvey said, “We’re thrilled to add Rick Marshall to ComicMix. His knowledge of the comic industry and his solid grasp of how to present news for an online audience make him a great fit for us.”

“I am very, very excited about joining the ComicMix team,” said Marshall. “It’s rare to find a group of people in the comics industry who are as passionate about their subject matter as they are savvy about the way to present it. Their vision for ComicMix represents everything I would want from a comics and comics-culture website, and I’m proud to be able to help shape its evolution. I look forward to working with the ComicMix team, and invite comics fans everywhere to drop by, see what ComicMix has to offer and be a part of the big things we have in store for the future.”

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  1. Many, many thanks, everyone… Now make sure to stop by ComicMix and say hello!

    And thanks for posting this, Heidi – you make me feel like a genuine newsmaker!


  2. yeah well hi i felt that i needed to add an entry tonight but i dunno what to talk about so i am just gonna keep typing about stuff until i find something to talk about oh yes now i think of something… dont you find it “CONVINIENT” that some other place is also doing anything goes for their musical but just a little but later than us… i think that is a little but toooo convinient for my liking. if i see one dance move or one stage direction similar to ours… i mean if some skiny looking guy is spun and…

  3. What a great challenge this month! I think we all had as much fun with the creative process as we did making the final pieces. I can tell you from experience that covering an egg with polymer clay is no easy task which makes the final pieces even that much more amazing. Here are some hilarious stories & quotes from members about the process:

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