Improbably, this evening writer/editor Mark Waid is to appear on some kind of show about tattoos — LA Ink — on The Learning Channel (TLC). We would have thought this was a joke, as the porcelain-complected Waid is the last person we’d expect to have anything to do with tattooing, but here is the photographic evidence. According to the listing:

LA Ink
Comic Relief
Oct 16, 10:00 pm
(60 minutes)

Hannah attempts to transform the crew at the shop into larger than life comic book characters and meets with comics guru Mark Waid. Naheed has her work cut out for her with the serious business of managing the shop while trying to bond with the crew at the same time.


  1. I saw the ep. it was pretty cool. And Hannah rocks! ;)

    She’s always been a comic book fan from day one of the show. Mentioning Gaiman and Moore as some of her faves.