Oops, missed this yesterday: a three-part interview with First Second’s Mark Siegel. Part one, part two, part three — with much interesting context and information on print runs:

I think a lot of comic stores are finding that their graphic novel sections, when they’re distinguishing it from their regular comics or from manga, that that section is doing good things for them. That’s where we are in some stores and in others we’re kind of spread out throughout. I think stores that follow the model of Rocket Ship in Brooklyn, or these real graphic novel stores so to speak, or if you go to Jim Hanley’s [Universe] in midtown, I think we have a good presence there. Some of our titles are backlisting very nicely. I’ve tried to banish the word “backlist” internally and we talk about the First Second “collection” because that really is how I think of it. Ideally we’re building on books that will stay in print. There’s evidence that a lot of stores will play. There are certain books that I see, whether it’s in the chains or the comic shops, that seem to stick around from our past seasons.


  1. Is it just me, or does First Second seem to be killing it?! They have their act SO together (an amazing assortment of creators & an amazing assortment of stories) that I can see First Second being hailed as THE industry standard for publishing graphic novels in just a another year or so.

    They seem to have struck the right balance between business & creativity; several of their creators that I’ve spoken with have raved about the company!