Mark Millar is now partying with JK Rowling at his friend Muriel’s b-day party. Who is this Muriel who knows so many literary types? Is her last name “Spark”? (Yes, we know Muriel Spark is dead.)

It was my friend Muriel’s bday and her husband had a big surprise bash, one of those things where everybody hides and then jumps out and screams as the birthday girl comes in. Crouched down beside me was JK (Joanne) and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from Harry P) and we all jumped out together. Had met her once before, but this was the first time I had a long chat. She’s really nice and very down to Earth; the perfect role model for a successful writer in that she never let the money go to her head. Just a really nice person. Her husband’s a lovely guy too and is a local GP in their neighbourhood.

Also met Denise Mina, who’s doing Hellblazer right now and she was absolutely hilarious. I told her she had to come over and do something at Marvel and she was totally up for it. Didn’t realize Ian Rankin was such a fanboy. He was jealous when Denise said she was doing HB, Constantine being his fave character and he’s a huge fan of the Moore stuff. Amazing who turns out to be into comics.

Totally knackered this morning. I’m going back to bed soon as this typing lark is next to impossible right now.

Given Mark’s new airy faerie mates, it’s no wonder he thinks comics are doomed because everyone in comics is going to go off and do movies.


  1. Over at, Rankin mentions in his newsletter that Vertigo is “still interested in me trying out some ideas”.

    Apparently, though, Rankin must have a pretty damn small penis, as he lists a goodly number of celebs he’s been hanging with of late.

    If I’d have known about this correlation, perhaps the two of us could have taken a moment to compare members when last I was chatting with him back in December …

  2. It did sound a little like name dropping (with bonus “I know her as Joanne” snarkiness), but then I read his whole post, and I think he actually was just being a fan of hers. He met someone cool, why not talk about it? I would, and I haven’t had any
    complaints about my member…