Aside from the next round of cancellations (which wasn’t a total surprise), there was only one piece of new business in DC’s January solicitations: Michael Alan Nelson is the new writer on Ravegers.

The previous Ravegers writer was Howard Mackie.  No word on whether he’s on one of the expected 4th wave of titles in February or not.

Nelson has primarily been over at Boom! Studios working on titles like Fall of CthulhuCthulhu Tales and Outcast.


  1. Ha, Ravengers! Sneak crossover?

    Nelson also wrote Hexed, didn’t he? That was quite good. Might try this out–I like Ravager (as in singular, Rose Wilson) but was… less than enthused by Mackie’s work.

  2. Congrats to M.A.N! He’s one of the industry’s top talents that is relatively unknown. His wok on Hexed with Emma Rios U.S. debut was amazing. Can’t wait to read this.

  3. Hey, no fair commenting on the story. I thought we were only supposed to make “hilarious” comments on the spelling error.

  4. Chip is right – Michael is one of the best “unknowns” in the entire industry. He’s poised to be one of those overnight-success stories that’s taken years to come around. I’m really excited to see what he can do on a major (if often misspelled!) title.

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