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Scott Edelman reports on how the great lady spent her 80th.


  1. Still waiting for the definitive book on this amazing woman’s career. Is any book in the works from the usual suspects (TwoMorrows, etc)? Or, if there is a book, could someone direct me to it? I’ve adored Ms. Severin and her work for decades, and think she is one of the unsung heroes of the biz.

    Happy Birthday, Marie!

  2. Congrats to one of the great people of comics!! :D

    And damn! 80 and celebrating at a steak house AND look at the size of that chocolate cake!! O.O

    She looks great for all that eating!

  3. About 3 or 4 years ago when I used to work at a call center that made calls for various charities, I unexpectedly got to talk to Ms. Severin who was very sweet where most peolpe aren’t too keen on being asked for money over the phone. I told her that I myself was an aspiring artist and that she was an inspiration to me AND she was nice enough to make a donation that day. Happy Birthday Marie, hope you enjoyed that yummy-looking cake!

  4. She has always been a great artist and a great lady. I remember her first work . A collection, of some of her art, would be fantastic. But, a graphic novel from one of her series would be better yet. I wish her well.