Spx Orphans 006Tom Spurgeon catches up with Larry Marder, who just left McFarlane Toys. Marder announces he’ll be back to his BEANWORLD comics after a very very long layoff, and takes a look back at where we came from :

MARDER: When Marvel bought Heroes World in the mid-90s and knocked the Direct Market out of its orbit, almost every decision made for the next year to 18 months was knee-jerk, defensive, and reactive. Everyone was looking for a deep foxhole to hide in. The business transmuted into what it is today.

Fortunately, the Internet came to the rescue like the proverbial calvary. Now, once you get their attention, today’s creators and publishers can communicate directly and immediately with their fans. No more garbled messages filtering through the magazines and papers.

I was shocked at how quickly the word traveled that I had started a blog last summer. I went online and the Beanworld community immediately showed up and said they were happy to see me.

On his blog, Marder notes the death of his mother-inlaw. We send our condolences.