As reported in a Twitter posting, Marc Bernardin was among those let go at Entertaiment Weekly yesterday, part of a general bloodbath at Time Inc. this week — as many as 500 employees are expected to be let go. Bernardin, who received the news while on vacation, tweeted:

Ladies and gentlemen, my 15-yr tenure at EW has come to an end. It’s been a hell of a ride, one that I’ve not a single regret about taking.

A long-time comics fan, Bernardin was instrumental in getting EW, then an influential media outlet, to start covering comics seriously earlier in the decade, with reviews and news stories. He stopped covering comics when his other career as a comics writer took off — he’s the author of the Highwayman and Monster Attack Network, and with partner Adam Freeman the current writer on The Authority.

As related on his blog, Bernardin seems to have a busy writing slate going on, so we’re sure he’ll be fine, but we wish him well anyway.


  1. Ha ha ha, Michael, you are so funny! And wrong. Back when EW covered comics more regularly, they spread the love around among the publishers.

    The magazine’s coverage was far from a DC hype machine, and I’m guessing that none of the people who’ve made that accusation over the years has ever set foot in an editorial meeting at EW. I seriously doubt that Bernardin or anyone else at EW was taking their marching orders from Paul Levitz, and a quick search of Bernardin’s byline at EW’s site reveals reviews for Last of the Independents, Battle Royale, Queen and Country, Hench, and Invincible.

    You may have a point with the “perfunctory puff pieces” crack, but I remember seeing my fair share of negative reviews in EW, and given the limited editorial space comics was given (in itself a miracle in a mainstream publication at the time), I think it’s a bit much to expect Comics Journal-style career-spanning examinations of a particular creator’s work.

    Finally, maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, but I find it pretty reprehensible to joke about anyone getting laid off, especially in this economy. (Though it sounds like Bernardin will have plenty of work to keep him busy, and good for him.)

    P.S. Heidi, you’ve got the guy’s name spelled wrong.