One of the most popular romance series on Manta is coming to an end. A story of enduring love and courage, Manta Comics has released the final volume of the webnovel version of Under the Oak Tree on April 11. 

Manta released the first 10 volumes of the novel, written by Suji Kim, on Jan. 31, 2024. The story is comprised of two seasons, spanning 11 volumes. Prior to the webnovel, Manta has been serializing the webcomic version, with art by P, since January 2021. 

“We’re immensely proud to have been a part of bringing Suji Kim’s captivating story to readers around the world,” the CEO of Manta, Travis Kim, said. “The final volume of Under the Oak Tree is a testament to the power of storytelling and the enduring appeal of romance fantasy. We are excited for fans to experience the conclusion of this remarkable journey.”

Under the oak Tree novel finale art

To celebrate this monumental event, the platform will be hosting a giveaway that will run from April 11 to April 24. Fans who purchase Season 2 Vol. 5 of Under the Oak Tree will be automatically entered to win a raffle to win random exclusive merch where 200 people will win either be a lettering T-shirt or a graphic phone grip. All readers who purchase the final volume will receive 35 gems back. 

While fans may be sad to know that the novel has concluded, they have other things to be excited about. Manta Comics has partnered with Penguin Random House‘s manga/manhwa imprint Inklore to release both the physical versions of the novel and webcomic. The first volume of the webcomic hits shelves on Sept. 3, 2024 while the first volume of the novel will be available in the fall with special effects for the US and Canada releases. The hardcover novel will feature sprayed page edges of the iconic quote “The first moment I saw you, I knew you would ruin me,” full-color patterned endpapers, silver foil stamping on the cover, and a ribbon bookmark. 

Written by Suji Kim, Under the Oak Tree follows Maximilian Croyso, the disgraced stuttering daughter of Duke Croyso, who is forced into a marriage with the Lord of Anatol, Riftan Calypse. The day after their wedding night, Sir Riftan leaves on a war campaign without a word and does not return until three years later. Sir Riftan is determined to shower Maxi with love but having spent her entire life believing herself to be inferior, Maxi must first find the courage to first love herself. 

Under the Oak Tree is available to read in its webnovel and webcomic form on Manta Comics.

 Source: Manta Comics