Armored Woman Colors By Ljk08
Continuing our brief look at this year’s nominees for the Russ Manning Award for most talented newcomers, we have webcomicker Leigh Kellogg. He’s best known as the artist of WAYFARER’S MOON, a fantasy comic written by Jason Janicki, with coloring by Leah Rivera that follows the exploits of two women adventurers, Iri and Lily in the fantasy world of Lachryn.

Wayfarer  S Moon 2 Cover Art By Ljk08

Like an increasing number of comics artists, Kellogg has a background in gaming, working as lead artist on computer games like Dungeon Siege 2, Mythica and MechCommander 2. He quit his full-time job to work on his first love, comics. In an interview at The Webcomic Review he explained a bit more:

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to begin this project was to grow as an artist and illustrator. One of my ultimate goals as I flesh out my own style more is to combine the things I admire most in American comics – namely the figure work, with the wonderful sense of place that European comics traditionally do so well along with my love of costuming and props. Anyway – that’s my hope.

Pg 02 Origingal Pencil

WAYFARER’S MOON is also available in printed form; Kellogg will be at San Diego, so stop by and buy a few issues.

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