THE SIMPSONS MOVIE was not only a damned funny movie which spawned many many great lines to add to the pile of great Simpsons lines, it is probably the best marketed movie ever. The string continues for today’s DVD release, as the SImpsons go Manhattan:

Today’s Simpsonfest is an all-day Fox affair in the heart of the city marking the hit toon’s DVD release. Anyone in Midtown will find it difficult to miss the yellow-jacketed street teams, the “Simpsons on Ice” show at Bryant Park, the giant inflatable Homers and the Empire State Building lit up yellow in the landmark’s first-ever movie tie-in.

Needless to say we’ll be on the lookout for giant inflatable Homers.


  1. One could nitpick and say that the inflatable King Kong was the first movie tie in. Also, there is the 360 helicopter shot at the end of Sleepless In Seattle, where the windows were lit to create hearts.