ComiPress has an exhaustive guide to all the manga-related SD doings. Simon Jones has a guide to the guide. Among the interesting tiddle taddle-bits: Although absent from the show, Tokyopop announced a deal with Japanese publisher Gentosha

Global manga giants TOKYOPOP and Gentosha Comics have entered into a worldwide partnership to advance the cause of the manga revolution. Under the terms of the alliance, TOKYOPOP will provide sublicensing agency services (outside of Asia, France, and Italy) for Gentosha Comics’s world-class library of manga hits, including titles like GRAVITATION, LAMENT OF THE LAMB, and ARM OF KANNON.

The companies will also pursue a wealth of co-development opportunities in the digital, film, and merchandising spaces.

The TOKYOPOP/GENTOSHA COMICS alliance is expected to yield great results not only in the world of printed books, but will also represent a significant addition to the growing library of properties that TOKYOPOP is developing into feature films, television series, and web shows.

Japanator has the color commentary.


  1. Wait… so not only is manga a revolution.. the revolution itself is now a cause? Where do they find these idiots that write their marketing? Ah, guess it’s just TokyoPop being TokyoPop.

    Well, Gentosha is a decent sized publisher it seems. I certainly love Lament of the Lamb which TokyoPop already released. Then I see the bit about ” developing into feature films, television series, and web shows.” Well gee, sounds almost like TokyoPop is more interested in other mediums outside of comics and just wants to scoop up some properties.

    Considering the little news I’ve read about their horrible ideas for their Lament of the Lamb film, I’m not looking forward to any films TokyoPop has to offer. They’re Americanizing and even turning to the trick of 3D effects. Only the concept sounds vaguely similar. Plus what horrible fan fiction did the find the protagonist’s name of Blake Edwards from? This is adaptation on the scale of LXG or Halle Berry as Catwoman. I thought we were beyond that.

    On the bright side hopefully we’ll see more manga stateside from Gentosha Comics. Aside from the irony of TokyoPop who insists on calling their stuff manga turning to a Japanese publisher that has the word comics in their name, they have some interesting titles. They have a number listed on the English part of their site. They seem to have a couple more by Kei Tomei (Lament of the Lamb). Of course in particular I’m hoping they have the guts to publish the questionable blood and guts and sexually explicit series Tokyo Red Hood by Benkyou Tamaoki. They also seem to have a section for a number of shonen-ai / yaoi books too.

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