In Facebook post,  former Heavy Metal Managing Editor Rantz Hoseley announced he was stepping down from his position, effective last Monday.  In a subsequent post he said he’ll be focusing on his own design/packaging firm Bauwauhaus Productions and has several upcoming projects “across film, TV, comics and music” to work on.

The veteran Hoseley joined Heavy Metal in 2016 and oversaw Grant Morrison’s stint as guest Editor-in-chief, and brought in many top notch creators in what was definitely a resurgence for the famed magazine. While at HM, he also wrote a comics adaptation of Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries. Hoseley is a multiple award winner for his 2008  Tori Amos comics anthology Comic Book Tattoo, which kicked off a number of music-themed comics anthologies. He also was an early adapter on digital comics with the app Longbox.

In his post, Hoseley wrote of his time at the magazine:

In that time, I got to work with SO MANY amazing creators. @sinKEVitch, Gerhard, @tulalotay @rob_sheridan @rianhughes Jamaica Dyer @menton3 Andrew Brandou, @davidmackkabuki Danijel Zezelj, and that doesn’t even START to scratch the surface.

I worked with a phenomenal team – @rgllarena @mrjettlucas @JustinMohlman @kristanmorrison and of course, @grantmorrison. We tried to drag Heavy Metal into the 21st century – it kicking & screaming the entire way.

Heavy Metal relaunched in 2014 with new funding, and launched some projects, like the Sixx adaptation. Giving the magazine a shot in the arm with the Morrison guest residency has definitely been a highlight.



  1. Oh no! He was doing a great job. Who is going to make sure that all of the pages have page numbers now? As far as I’m concerned, he’s up there with John Workman as one of the best visual designers the magazine has had.

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