200808070036The anthrax matter — and the timely suicide of its purported mastermind — is crazy enough to keep conspiracy theorists going for the rest of Chris Carter’s natural life. However, could there have been an even MORE sinister scheme behind the goings on at Fort Detrick? Over at the TCJ message board, Mort Todd points out that one side effect of the weapons-grade anthrax that was mailed to various media outlets in the fall of 2001 was the destruction of a repository of priceless information:

What it doesn’t say is that he also is suspected of sending a letter to American Media Inc., publishers of The Star, The Globe, National Examiner, and The Sun and, for a short time, Cracked magazine (way after my reign). This lead to the death of a photo editor and since all the film to print the magazine, from 1958 to 2000, was stored there, it had to be destroyed because of contamination.

Now this may be cheered by some, but there was some great art by John Severin, Jack Davis, Will Elder, All Jaffee, Bill Ward, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan and many other titans of the comics industry!

[…]So we have a complete wack job being paid by our government to handle some of the deadliest substances ever created, and now it turns out that, on top of everything else, he ruined CRACKED. Whose nightmare are we living in, and how in God’s name do we wake up?


  1. Isn’t weird that America had it’s own crackpot super mad scientist supervillain.

    It’s something like out of an old Shadow pulp novel or the early issues of Bob Kane’s Batman.

    Paging Dr. Death!!