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The force behind Ben 10, Generator Rex, and now the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Man of Action Studios is is getting even more projects out there, THR reports. MoA—aka Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle—has several new projects in the pipeline:

• THE GREAT UNKNOWN: a feature film based on Rouleau’s comic is in development.

“It’s a quirky book, a ‘low-fi sci-fi,” Rouleau tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The ‘superhero franchise’ is amply addressed by the likes of Marvel and DC so other types of stories originating in comics are finding their place in the market as well and The Great Unknown was one of them.”
• KAFKA: The published-long-ago-but-still-relevant KAFKA by Seagle and Stefano Gaudiano is in development for TV with the Kenneth Branagh Co.

“Kafka is a thriller, an espionage piece, a romance and a noir and each of those aspects is being dovetailed into a paranoid world of government agents gone rogue,” Seagle tells THR. “The story deals with themes of loss and redemption and does a very cool trick with what I call super powers even though it is in no way a spandex show.”

• DISCO DESTROYER: Casey is teaming with Scott Mosier (Zack and Miri Make a Porno) and Jim Mahfood for a series of animated shorts fo MTV’s revamped LiquidTelevision.com.

“Disco Destroyer combines ’70s muscle car culture with the battle for humanity’s salvation,” Casey tells THR. “The ironic thing is that Ben 10 is the show that was a real departure from what I do. Sometimes it’s tough being a Rated R guy in a Rated G media space but Disco Destroyer gives me that chance to indulge in subject matter that’s a little closer to my own twisted sensibilities.”

MoA has really taken the “banding together” studio concept and run with it…why aren’t more people doing this, we wonder. Maybe there is only one Man of Action…

And for good measure, here’s a new Ultimate Spider-Man clip, below.


  1. I’m happy for all these guys, they deserve their success. I would like to see Kelly get back to comics though.

  2. Kelly was on the Comic Book Live on Tuesday and it sounded like these guys were just getting busier and busier. But he did mention he had some comics coming down the pipe, I think he said more Four Eyes and something else which the alcohol has smudged. (Comic Book Live is going to be shown on the nerdist channel – this was the first episode – so you can check out and find out for sho).