It was a dog:

The body of the dead animal found in Turner, Maine, according to DNA tests conducted on behalf of and paid for by the Lewiston newspaper, the Sun Journal, belonged to a member of the genus Canis, not a Tasmanian devil, not a rodent, not a Chupacabras, not a hyena, not a werewolf, not an Eastern Bigfoot, and/or not from any wild species speculations that were heard over the last ten days. Nevertheless, it is important to understand, the real Mystery Beast is still out there!

Have we mentioned we’re going to be in Maine for a week?


  1. Tonight about dusk me and my 3 kids saw a hyena-like animal. We observed it for about 15 minutes. It was the size of a young deer and same coloring, at first. But it moved differently and it looked back at us for awhile too. It didn’t have any white on it, like a deer. We grabbed some binoculars to try to get a better look. It sauntered like a fox, dog, or maybe a cat. It looked heavy-set in its front quarters, had a short snout like a bear’s face, and had long ears something like a deer’s. It looked 40-50 pounds and it looked powerful. The tail was hard to see, almost like no tail. But maybe a long tail with a black tip could be seen but it did not stick up or out like a dog’s.

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