Magnetic Press has essayed it’s maiden year pretty well with a steady stream of gorgeous books imported from France, a successful debut at San Diego and more. And now they are adding to their portfolio with their first NEW title, POET, a new graphic novel written by  Tom DeLonge, the  frontman of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves and a very successful reocrdo producer in his own right.

The series involves” Poet Anderson, a “Dream Walker” who roams the realm of dreams, protecting sleepers from dark terrors that threaten to cross over into the waking world.”

The release of the GN will tie in with the news Angels & Airwaves album, called “The Dream Walker,” which drops on December 9th, and serve as a prequel to the tale. There’s also a short animated film based on the album that will premiere as an Official Selection of the 2014 Toronto International ShortFilm Festival. You can watch the trailer at Indiewire …or here:

It looks really great.

More via PR:

The POET comic series will introduce the main character, Jonas Anderson, an imaginative slacker teen who discovers an innate ability to lucid dream, opening the doors to an entire universe of wonders and dangers that effect his waking life in ways that will define his fate forever. With a story by DeLonge and Ben Kull (Mission Hill, The Oblongs), the series will be illustrated by award-winning artist Djet Stéphane, with covers by several comic industry pillars, including Gerald Parel (Iron Man, Captain America) and Bengal (Naja, Avengers).

 “The Dream Walker” album will serve as a concept soundtrack, with songs and tracks exploring facets of lucid dreaming and the Poet universe. The first track, “Paralyzed”, premiered on Rolling Stone and rocketed onto the Top 10 on iTunes’s Alternative Chart. A full-length feature film is also in pre-production, as well as a novelization and various iconic collectibles and attire. The comic book publishing opportunity was brought to Magnetic Press on behalf of To The Stars by Russell Binder at Striker Entertainment, who represents the brand’s entertainment interests.

 “We were immediately captured by the ideas behind POET, and the visual direction set by the animated short just blew us away,” says Magnetic Press’s Publisher, Mike Kennedy. “Working with Tom to help explore this universe he has imagined has been wonderful, and we’re really excited to draw readers into the Dream World with him!”

 The three-issue series will debut both digitally and in print this Spring.


Here’s some teaser art from the short:

Poet close Poet on bike Poet punch