Last month, Magic: the Gathering‘s most recent digital platform, Arena, entered open beta. As the platform moves closer to a full-featured launch, Wizards of the Coast has begun to build in more and more game modes to satisfy a content-hungry player base. And today, they announced two new offerings: Custom Streamer Events and Direct Challenges.

From October 26th-29thArena players will have the opportunity to participate in two new game modes that bend the rules of Magic. Based around the personalities of two popular streamers, Day[9] and Gaby Spartz, these modes will give players the opportunity to test their deckbuilding and strategic skills in unique ways rarely seen in physical Magic play.

More info on these two game modes follows from the official press release:

Day[9]’s Insta-Ban

We’re giving Constructed new house rules with Day[9] ( Day[9] has always had a burning displeasure for counters and tricks. So together we created INSTA-BAN, where you bring a 60-card deck with zero instant spells in it. Instant speed effects such as flash or activated abilities are permitted, but if the spell is an instant, it is BANNED.

Gaby’s Greedy Dominaria Draft

We’re giving Draft new house rules with Gaby Spartz ( Gaby loves drafting and building ambitious decks. So together we are running a GREEDY DOMINARIA DRAFT. Draft 3 packs of Dominaria around a few unique rules in this game of Magic. Everyone can play two lands per turn, start with 9 cards, and has no maximum hand size.

Check out the official trailer for Arena‘s first Streamer Events below:

Wizards has said that while these are the first Streamer Events, they will not be the last. They characterized these game modes as “recurring” and that they will “feature a variety of awesome content creators and wildly different game modes.”

Additionally, today Wizards announced that they plan to add Direct Challenges to Arena. Beginning next month, players will be able to search for their friends’ in-game usernames and challenge them to a duel. The company also promosed that “more robust friend features” will follow in the future.


  1. I joined the Insta-ban event but ended up having to resign since every time I tried to play, there would be no deck for me to choose from. I am confused to what I needed to do just to be able to play in the event. I can play normally, and I have decks to choose from when I do play, but not for the Insta-ban event.

    What exactly am I missing? Someone posted on reddit that there needs to be sideboard cards, I don’t have enough access to provide 15 sideboard, but I did put in just 1 there. Again I am not able to play Insta-ban event.

    Any clarification on requirements to play events would be appreciated. I doubt I would want to waste any more gold on this till I feel I can actually participate and play.

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