Lost on Planet Earth is the newest in ComiXology’s Originals slate – as well as the first official outing for a newly named creative team. Known as Death Rattle, the lineup consists of writer Magdalene Visaggio, artist Claudia Aguirre, letterer Zakk Saam, and editor Joe Corallo.

The rock band-inspired moniker brings together the writer/artist team behind acclaimed series Kim & Kim and Morning in America. 

For this inaugural outing, Death Rattle is taking on a 5-part mini-series. Lost on Planet Earth is a sci-fi story about the people left behind by good intentions, focusing in on a conflicted lesbian relationship in a socially reactionary future. I could talk more about how interesting this premise sounds, but I promise I won’t do a better job than Visaggio does herself.

Lost on Planet Earth is about what a utopian society would look like for the outsiders, “the ones who don’t like what they see.” Visaggio says in a statement “At its heart, Lost on Planet Earth is a sci-fi slice-of-life comic about a burgeoning group of friends making their own way in a world that has no place for them.”

Death Rattle debuts its first comic this Wednesday, April 15. Like all ComiXology Originals, it’s free to those with an Unlimited subscription and $2.99 otherwise. Check out the series description below, followed by four preview pages.

Basil Miranda thought she knew where her life was going. Like her family before her, she will join the Interplanetary Union Fleet. Basil pursues her goal with a singular vision, and follows a regimented, relentless training routine. Her whole life is dedicated to this mission. It is everything to her. And then, while sitting in her fleet examination, she is asked a question she can’t answer. What makes her happy? She panics and flees.

There’s always someone who can’t finish the fleet exam, but Basil never thought she’d be a runner. Now, to her friends’ and family’s dismay, she’s directionless. She must figure out what she wants – and who she is. And that’s when Basil begins a conflicted relationship witha Xanthippian named Velda who introduces her to a new world.

Basil finds herself ushered into the no-service community of Richmond, VA: the angry slackers, the stoner kids, the weirdos and queers, artsy types and losers who failed their entrance exams. These are the outcasts who are struggling to make meaning in their own lives.

lost on planet earth lost on planet earth