Comixology might have an exclusive on Marvel’s *single issues* but digital graphic novels and tpbs are fair game.  It looks like Madefire figured that out, because as of today, Marvel’s digital collected editions are on the Madefire platform.  When it comes to single issues, Comixology/Amazon still has a leg up with that Marvel exclusive, but when it comes to the digital version of trade paperbacks, Madefire is suddenly finding itself on a slightly more level playing field in terms of the reader being able to keep everything in one browsers.

File this one under “developing…”

Official PR follows:

Madefire, the award-winning standard in digital comics and innovator of the proprietary Motion Book® format, announced that, starting today, Marvel Comics, the world’s most popular comic book brand, is bringing a wide selection of beloved titles to the Madefire app.

Immortalized across the world of entertainment, Marvel’s roster of iconic super heroes and villains, featured in collections like Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Volume 1Avengers Vs. X-MenIron Man: Armor WarsCivil WarHulk: Planet Hulk, and Black Widow: S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Most Wanted arrive today on Madefire across a wide range of devices, including iOS™, Android® and Windows™ powered hardware.

Featuring a broad selection of new and established classics, Motion Books, video shorts, graphic novels, collected editions, and archived favorites, Madefire’s unique platform gives Marvel fans a new place to discover digital comics on all their devices.

Madefire is an authentic creator platform committed to developing ground-breaking stories and delivering the most dynamic comic content to all screens. Madefire’s constant effort towards technology and platform expansion play a key role in creating innovative experiences on digital devices and curating creator-fan relationships directly. This marriage creates a solution for both, creators to future-proof content online; and for readers to experience those stories via PC, web, tablet, smartphone, game consoles, set-top boxes and into augmented and virtual reality devices.

“We are truly excited to bring our fans closer to the Marvel brand by adding our feature collections and graphic novels to Madefire,” said Dan Buckley, President, Marvel Entertainment. “Madefire’s platform is the perfect addition to our digital portfolio. Their award-winning technology is an excellent complement to that portfolio, allowing us to reach more fans and broaden our digital comics offering.”

“To have Marvel arrive on Madefire is nothing short of epic! – they’re a pillar of the industry and their iconic characters are globally loved – transcending culture, language and platform,” said Madefire CEO and Motion Book creator, Ben Wolstenholme. “We built Madefire as a digital-first, storytelling platform, a place for creators and comic lovers to find established stories and characters as well as new and original material. Marvel of course represent a huge market share of the comics industry and we couldn’t be prouder to bring the Marvel brand of entertainment to Madefire. Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to growing our platform to deliver an unsurpassed breadth of content and experience.”

Marvel Comics appearing on the Madefire platform adds to the already impressive 30,000 comics, graphic novels and Motion Books available today, published by the best creators and publishers in the industry. Further incredible content is also available from DC Comics®, IDW®, TNT®, 20th Century FOX®, Archie®, BOOM!®, Blizzard®, Valiant®, Dynamite®, Titan®, and more.

With a five-star average rating, the award-winning Madefire platform celebrates creativity, supporting the next generation of comic book talent via a dedicated Indie Channel that allows artists to create and publish their own comics using powerful creation tools. Madefire also hosts its much lauded Madefire Original series from hit creators like Liam Sharp, Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Carey, Steve Niles and Kevin Spacey. The multimedia platform functionality enables video of the comics creative process and behind the scenes, as well as exclusive content from gaming, TV and film studios. With a strong commitment to user choice, any purchase made on an individual Madefire account is available to view at no extra cost through Madefire’s cross-platform technology, available on iOS, Android™, Windows, as well as Apple® TV and Android® TV.

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